Senba-Introduction Part 3

On the 3rd floor we have the mixed dormitory, which is accessible by elevator. It has 24 beds total ( 9 bunk beds, 12 semi single beds and 12 double beds)

It has its own public washroom, urinal, and 2 sinks. Beds 301, 302, 303, 304 are in its own private room. Beds are very spacious and comfortable. The beds are equipped with a locker, night lamp, fan and we provide you with a free towel. The 3rd floor is equipped with its own wifi and its own balcony as well, where you can sun dry your clothes or towels if you please.

And lastly, the public shower is on the second floor. We provide out guests with free shampoo, conditioner and body soap as well. Below are some pictures of the 3 floor mixed dorm. Please visit our social links and be sure to visit for available rooms and rates:)

facebook- senbahostel


intagram- senbahostel



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