Senba Hostel- Intrduction Part 4

And finally, we have the newly renovated 9th and 10th floors, which we have made into a short or long term guesthouse. The doors officially opened June 24th 2016, and reservations are coming in quick! A month process which turned the 2 floor vacant space, into the cute and colorful Miffy themed guesthouse seen below. Based on the picture books by Dutch artist Dick Bruna, the Miffy guesthouse is probably a one and only in Osaka:)

The 9th floor consists of 6 rooms. 4 of those rooms have 1 single beded bunk beds (2 beds). 1 room has 1 double beded bunk bed (2 beds) for more space if needed. And the last room has 2 single beded bunk beds (4 beds). All rooms are equipped with desk, mirror, chair and all amenities. The 9th floor also has its own bathroom and wifi as well. Also, we have a balcony, where wet clothes or towels can be hanged.

Going upstairs to the 10th floor, 1 room consisting of 3 single bunk bed and desk combination ( 3 beds). The 10th floor balcony is also accessible from this room. The kitchen, dinning and living room is found on this floor. Fridge, oven, toaster, microwave, utensils, and other utilities can be found here. Kitchen table, sofa and TV can also be found here. The 10th floor is also equipped with 2 showers and toilet. As well as its own wifi. Both floors are accessible by elevator, so walking up stairs with heavy luggage is not necessary. All rooms are also equipped with their own air conditioners and a washer and dryer can be found on the 10 floor as well. And lastly, all rooms are equipped with lock and key, so all our guests can feel safe and secure. For rooms and rates, please visit

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