9/10th floors guesthouse

As mentioned in our previous post, Senba Hostel expanded and opened 2 more floors. With 17 beds (single and double), 2 showers, one washroom, laundry room, 2 balconies, living room, dining room and kitchen, these 2 floors are acting as the guesthouse.

here is a little bit more information on the rates for long-term guests. Long term guests would ideally stay in room 1001. There are 3 single one bedded bunks, with desk and chair underneath (see picture) The rates for long term guests in room 1001 are as followed: If you are staying for a maximum of 3 months, the fee is 60,000 yen per month. But if you are planning to stay for more than 3 months, the fee is 40,000 japanese yen per month. please read our previous post to see pictures of both floors. Wer`re waiting for you at Senba! If you have any inquiries please send us an email!



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Senba Hostel- Intrduction Part 4


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We are a Hostel in Osaka! Very friendly and fun enviornment for people of all cultures and backgrounds to enjoy! We opened our doors in December 2015 and going on strong! With our close location to downtown Osaka, cheap prices, friendly staff, parties and events,clean and comfortable rooms and facilities, we are a popular spot for tourists and bakcpackers alike. Please come visit us, stay with us or take part in one of our weekly events! Everyone is welcome!

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