Taiwanese Kakigori!

Summer is here! and the heat is brutal! Some days even hitting 38 degrees celcius with the humidity­čś▒
Here at Senba Hostel, we’re trying to stay cool, so we had a “kakigori” stand in front! Kakigori means shaved ice or similar to a snow cone. A very popular treat in Japan during the summer. This one in particular had condensed milk mixed into it, so it gave it an ice cream look and taste to it. If you stay at Senba Hostel, you might have the chance to try this refreshing treat. Yum!


We also sold mangos!

And Mango flavor! So good!






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We are Senba Hostel in Osaka! Very friendly and fun enviornment for people of all cultures and backgrounds to enjoy! We opened our doors in December 2015 and going on strong! With our close location to downtown Osaka, cheap prices, friendly staff, parties and events,clean and comfortable rooms and facilities, we are a popular spot for tourists and bakcpackers alike. Please come visit us, stay with us or take part in one of our weekly events! Everyone is welcome!

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