Introducing the Senba staff!

Lets start with the boss! Yuuki Fukumoto or just Fuku-san. Born and raised in Osaka, he would be the best one to ask anything about Osaka!. Very dedicated, he is always improving the hostel to make your stay as pleasurable as possible.

 2015-12-20 15_17_18_rw2
Next, we have Mai. She is Japanese and she has been working at the Hostel since its opening. Shes the second in command here at Senba, and she can help you out with anything you need. She has studied English in Canada, so she can speak english aswell!:)
Then there`s Tommy. Not his real name, but everyone knows him as Tommy. He is also Japanese, and he’s very worldly travelled. He speaks Japanese and English. He loves Sri Lanka and can speak Sinhalese aswell! Very friendly, he loves getting to know people, so he will definitely talk your ear off if you stay here;)
Here`s Meg. Meg is also Japanese and is a very busy lady. Being a mother of three children doesn’t give her much free time which is why she only works here part-time. She also teaches English for the kids around her neighborhood. But if you do run into her while you are here, she will treat you with the utmost kindness and can help you out a lot!
Yuka! Yuka comes to Senba all they way from Mie prefecture, which is west of Osaka. It takes about 2 hours from Yukas hometown to Osaka. She loves hostels and guesthouses, so she’s giving Osaka a try . She loves anything Korean and can speak it as well! So, if you are Korean and can’t understand English or Japanese, have no fear;)
image1 (1)
Speaking of Korea, Jo-chan! Jo comes to us from South Korea. Shes here on a working-holiday visa, and while studying Japanese and travelling around Japan, she works here at the Hostel as well.
She speaks English and Japanese very well, and she’s a very hard worker!
And finally, theres me. Greg. Hi. I`m the newest member of the Senba Hostel team (about 2 months), although I have been living in Japan and Osaka for a very long time. Love living in Osaka, it’s an amazing city, with many amazing things to see and do and eat. I come from Toronto Canada, but i was born in Poland. Witamy! (welcome) Most of my time here I spent teaching English, but decided just recently that I would like to try something different here. Spent a lot of time in hostels, so why not trying working in one. We hope to accommodate people from all over world at Senba, so if you are staying in Osaka, please consider us! Talk to you soon!

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