Its summer and that means festivals in Japan! July and August are months which host plenty of festivals around Japan, and some of the biggest and best are in Osaka. Filled with rich culture, food and fireworks, if you are in Japan duting this time, you have to chance to experience some of these amazing festivals.



The Tenjin Matsuri. One of the biggest and most famous in Japan.

“festival of the gods”


Heisei OSAKA Legend of the Milky Way

July 7 is the official day of tanabata festivals, when celebrations of a mythical tale of star-crossed lovers take place all over Japan.

The Tenmabashi and Nakanoshima areas of Osaka are commemorating the event by displaying their version of the Milky Way, the astrological symbol of the lovers separation, in the glistening waters of the Okawa River. Lit up by 50,000 gently bobbing LED light balls (aptly named Prayer Stars)


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