Hasta luego amigos! See you again friends!

We had two wonderful guests stay at Senba Hostel this week. Juan from Chile and Pandora from Argentina. Both being eachothers very good friends, Osaka is a place which both needed to see, again.

Pandora has lived in Osaka for 2 years some time ago, and Juan has been to Osaka many a times. Osaka is a very special place for both of them and is close to their hearts. Both of them will be living in Japan for sometime. Pandora is on her way to Oita prefecture, which is in Kyushu. Kyushu is  the southernmost and third largest of the four main islands of Japan.
Juan is on his way to Tokyo, where he went to University.
The staff (Tommy, Mai and myself) Juan and Pandora all went out on their last night in Osaka. But it wont be the last time we will be seeing them. See you again guys! Hasta Lengo!
Meeting new people and making friends is the best part of working at a hostel and we hope to keep on doing so!
We get alot people from all over the world staying at Senba, and with them they bring goodies of all kinds from their countires.. Here are few given to us from them.

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