Autumn in Japan!

One thing that makes Japan an amazing and unique place to visit, is the 4 seasons that can be seen and experienced. Each season is Japan is amazing and very distinct. Japans culture and its seasons are deeply intertwined with eacthother. Beautiful sceneries and traditional events taking part in each season, making Japan a country that can be enjoyed any time of year.

With spring at an end, autumn is just about here. Temepratures in the evening and early mornings are dropping and people are bringing out their light jackets and scarves.
What makes Japan amazing in autumn though, is “Momiji”. Momiji means autumn leaves, and its quite a sight. Mountains and forests are covered with firey red, bright oranges and yellow trees and they can be seen and enjoyed almost anywhere in Japan. But if you are in the kansai area, staying at Senba, make sure to make a trip down to Kyoto. Momiji is Kyoto should not be missed. Tofukuji, Arashiyama, Kiyomizudera, Eikando and Yoshiminedera and just a few places in particular.
Green tea and momiji at a Japanese temple in Kyoto is an experience that should be enjoyed by all.
Make sure to ask the staff at Senba Hostel about more information where to see momiji!

Below are a few snaps of momiji in Kyoto!


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