Another new face!


Say hello to Kiyomi from California! She`s our live in staff here at Senba. She also our weekly party planner. Every saturday Kiyomi hosts a themed party here at Senba! Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki or sushi making are just to name some of the parties shes hosted. Make sure to join us every saturday is your in town! Only 500 yen with a drink to get in! guests or not, all are welcome!


Taiwan Trip!

This month the Senba team took a trip to Taiwan! 3 days exploring Taipei and Jiufen! Enjoy the photos!

Autumn in Japan!

One thing that makes Japan an amazing and unique place to visit, is the 4 seasons that can be seen and experienced. Each season is Japan is amazing and very distinct. Japans culture and its seasons are deeply intertwined with eacthother. Beautiful sceneries and traditional events taking part in each season, making Japan a country that can be enjoyed any time of year.

With spring at an end, autumn is just about here. Temepratures in the evening and early mornings are dropping and people are bringing out their light jackets and scarves.
What makes Japan amazing in autumn though, is “Momiji”. Momiji means autumn leaves, and its quite a sight. Mountains and forests are covered with firey red, bright oranges and yellow trees and they can be seen and enjoyed almost anywhere in Japan. But if you are in the kansai area, staying at Senba, make sure to make a trip down to Kyoto. Momiji is Kyoto should not be missed. Tofukuji, Arashiyama, Kiyomizudera, Eikando and Yoshiminedera and just a few places in particular.
Green tea and momiji at a Japanese temple in Kyoto is an experience that should be enjoyed by all.
Make sure to ask the staff at Senba Hostel about more information where to see momiji!

Below are a few snaps of momiji in Kyoto!

The Neighborhood!

Besides being located close to downtown Osaka, Senba Hostel is conviently located near anything one would need for a more comfortable stay.

3 minute walk to two subway stations that can take you to the one of many popular sites in Osaka.


3 convenience stores (2 7/11`s and 1 Family mart) located 3 minutes from the hostel. Japanese convenience stores in Japan are renowned for being just that; convenient. Large variety of foods, drinks, alcohol, paying bills, buying event tickets, picking up your airplane tickets and much more; they do it all.


If you are staying with us for a long time or your missing the foods of your country , 2 supermarkets are located just minutes from Senba as well! Kohyo and Life supermarkets have anything you need to make delicious meal of your choosing.

Outlet shops, restaurants, banks, post offices, fast food, bars, clubs are all in walking distance of Senba Hostel. Or hop on one of our bicycles and get where you are going quicker!

2 new faces join the team!

Two new faces joined the Senba Hostel team last month!

Barbara (left) comes to us from Taiwan and she is in Japan on a working holiday stint.
As well as working in the hostel, she works at a ramen restaurant aswell! What a hard worker! Good luck with your Japanese Barbara!
And then theres Kako (right). Shes half Japanese and half Korean. She was born in Japan and lives in Osaka. She loves Korea and korean culture, and with the majority of our guests coming from Korea, she has plenty of chances to interact and practice her korean. If you come to Senba from Korea and have trouble speaking English or Japanese, have no fear, Kako can help you with anything you need!:)
Welcome to the Senba team girls!

Hasta luego amigos! See you again friends!

We had two wonderful guests stay at Senba Hostel this week. Juan from Chile and Pandora from Argentina. Both being eachothers very good friends, Osaka is a place which both needed to see, again.

Pandora has lived in Osaka for 2 years some time ago, and Juan has been to Osaka many a times. Osaka is a very special place for both of them and is close to their hearts. Both of them will be living in Japan for sometime. Pandora is on her way to Oita prefecture, which is in Kyushu. Kyushu is  the southernmost and third largest of the four main islands of Japan.
Juan is on his way to Tokyo, where he went to University.
The staff (Tommy, Mai and myself) Juan and Pandora all went out on their last night in Osaka. But it wont be the last time we will be seeing them. See you again guys! Hasta Lengo!
Meeting new people and making friends is the best part of working at a hostel and we hope to keep on doing so!
We get alot people from all over the world staying at Senba, and with them they bring goodies of all kinds from their countires.. Here are few given to us from them.

Bye Yuka!:(

Some sad news from Senba! One of our staff left the Senba Hostel team last month:( Yuka went back to her home town in Mie prefecture. We loved having you here Yuka, and we miss you! Hope to see you in Osaka sometime soon!

For those who dont know, Mie prefecture is located  in the Kansai region and is a couple of hours east of Osaka. A great place to visit, most notable place has to to be Japan’s holiest and most important sites, Ise Shrine. Some other notable places to visit are Nagashima Spa Land , Suzuka Circuit, Iga-Ueno (Birthplace of the ninja and home to the Iga Ninja Museum) Sakakibara Onsen(considered to be the 3rd best onsen in Japan) just to name a few.  If you are travelling through the Kansai region, Mie should not be missed!

We will come to see you in Mie soon Yuka! Take care!<3


 Ise Shrine


Nagashima Spa Land


 Suzuka Circuit